PROGRAM - November Program Chair Mark Poniatowski introduced Frank Mellon of the East Bay Municipal Unilities District (EBMUD).
President Dr. Heidi brought down the gavel at Don Jose’s in Castro Valley, and Walt Schneider was asked to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - Margie Ramos: “We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” (Martin Luther King)
SINGING WITH(out) CETA - Matthew asked Jia Zheng Liang (Edward is his American name) to sing a Chinese song about friendship.  (Thanks, Edward!)
VISITORS - Hal Fremming (soon to be member), Margie Ramos (soon to be member), Ray Harris (CV Outreach “Adopt a Family,” and Matthew Plicer (of CSUEB) brought students representing China, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam studying English at CSUE HuangB: Jieaying Zhang, Saleh Alharbi, An An, Yiming Chen, Jia Zheng liang, Bu Ran Hu, Danjian Huang, Yun Xiao Huang, Tran Nguyer, Quan Xiang Qi, Kaixin Sun, Chou Bing Wang, Jian Zhang and Yixin Zhang.
SAL TEDESCO MEMORIAL HELLO SONG - Ben Gurule drafted our Hawaiian Rotarian brother, Tommy Gee!
Report from Castro Valley Outreach - Ray Harris gave a report on the Adopt-a-Family program and thanked the club for our support.  Dr. Heidi gave him $200 from our Club for CV Outreach.
November 15 - Light Parade Report: Bill Mulgrew thanked the Club for its support and reported that the Third Annual Light Parade was the most successful yet with more participants and more spectators!
November 16 - Support of Local Actor Luc Dochterman Report: Ceta Dochterman (Mom) reported that Luc felt so supported with so many from our Club in attendance!
November 17 - Thanksgiving Lunch for Seniors Report: Mathilde Schmidt reported that more than 100 seniors were served!
BUY A TOOTH FROM THE REAL TOOTH FAIRY - DR. HEIDI! $5 each and you may win a special prize!  Funds go to Rotary Foundation.    
DECEMBER 6 - Club Christmas Party by Kern Lewis - 6:00 P.M.  Price to follow.  AT DR. HEIDI'S HOUSE!!!!
DECEMBER 9 - Children’s Christmas Party - CVUSD Adult School - Mark Poniatowski, Chair, reported that Cliff Sherwood is handling the food, Ceta the gifts, Jeff Moore the setup and take down (3:00 PM setup).
MARCH 21 - Texas Hold’em Tournament - Masonic Hall - $200 buy-in - Al West, Chair
APRIL 11 - Pancake Putt Putt - John Courtney, Chair
MAY 8 - Chili Cook-off - Randy Vanderbilt, Chair
MAY 9 - Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade
Contact Bonnie Best for CV Rotary Website training!    
Double Sustainer Reminder by Dwight Perry - please bring your commitment and checks to the next meeting.
Please make Secretary Jim Negri smile by paying your dues statement when you receive it . . . 
For some of the absolute best pictures of our activities, please thank Gary Bosley for his hard work as he has captured many of our events for us.  
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the great thing is that no special access is required on either site -- people just go to the URL (or cut and paste them in in search box) and click on one of the small photos.  The photos enlarge.  Thanks, Gary!
$10    Dr. Heidi recognized RIT (Rotarian in Training) Luc Dochterman for his excellence on the stage
$10    Bill Mulgrew recognized our President, Dr. Heidi
$10    Ceta Dochterman recognized all the CV Rotarians who supported Luc with his stage debut!
$10    Ben Gurule recognized Luc although he could not be there because of his 80th birthday plus Bill Mulgrew for the Light Parade
$50    Bill Muldrew recognized all who participated in the Light Parade and included a self-proclaimed fine for missing the Senior Luncheon    
PROGRAM - November Program Chair Mark Poniatowski introduced Frank Mellon of the East Bay Municipal Unilities District (EBMUD).  Frank Mellon, our East Bay Municipal Utility District Representative.   Frank has been representing our area at East Bay MUD for nearly 20 years.  He is a 30 year resident of Castro Valley and his grown children went through the Castro Valley School system.
Frank shared that EBMUD, not him, is ninety-five years old, originally only on the East side of the hills and later became seven wards.  San Leandro due East to 680 San Ramon is his Ward.
Even with the drought, there is only 10% rationing in our area, while other areas have mandatory rationaing and fines.
Science based research shows that California has been "wet."  In fact, in the 1860's, it rained for forty days and forty nights!  In 1994, water demand was for 215 million gallons a day while today it is only 162 million gallons per day although there are more people.
The main thing we can do is to save water.  Be more water wise.  The law now allows use of gray water for certain uses.
LOOKING FOR THE MOLAR WITH THE GOLD GLITTER FILLING DONE “JUST FOR US” BY DR. HEIDI , Frank Mellon reached into the ticket container and pulled out Tommy Gee's ticket who then reached into the bag and pulled out a healthy white tooth and won $5 rather than the $42 in the bag.  
Upcoming meetings:
Nov 25, 2014    Wilson Tsai, MD 
Jan 06, 2015    Club Assembly, Club Assembly
Jan 13, 2015    Club Speech Contest, Club Speech Contest
Feb 03, 2015    Larry Jacobson - Award Winning Author: Navigating Leadership for Entrepreneurs
Feb 10, 2015    Galin Luk - Marine (there are no former or retired Marines) & Litigation Attorney - Marin training and "poetic" court room cases
Feb 17, 2015    Allart Ligtenberg - Los Altos Rotary - Water, Health, Hunger & Solar
Speaker Chairs and Monthly Themes:
November:     Mark Poniatowski, Rotary Foundation Month
December:     Bill Nott,  Family of Rotary Month
January:    Dwight Perry,  Rotary Awareness Month
February:      Hafsa Burt,  World Understanding Month
March:      Jim Negri,  Literacy Month
April:          Cliff Sherwood,  Magazine Month
May:          Randy Vanderbilt,  Community Service Month
June:          Bernie Kempen:  Rotary Fellowship Month