Tommy Gee has been a Rotarian in Honolulu since 1957 (according to the District 5000 May 2021 newsletter) and is an honorary member of the Rotary Club of Castro Valley, who frequently participates in Club events.
He was born in San Francisco and went to San Francisco State University. He had a good friend who was a watchmaker, who invited him to come to Hawaii for a job. Tommy had seen Hawaii in the movies and wanted to see it for real so he went there in 1948 and stayed. Over the years, Tommy had a series of jobs, was successful in business, and eventually became the President of the Jewelers Association of Hawaii. Tommy is married and comes to the Bay Area to visit his family.
Tommy noted that when he joined Rotary in 1957, Rotary was a very different organization.  There were no women in Rotary and Clubs did very little in the community. They focused on raising money for charitable causes. Later, Tommy founded a new Rotary club and had 63 years of perfect attendance, but, unfortunately, COVID broke that string.
His wife passed away in 2004, but he later got back in contact with a girl had known in middle school. They re-connected, married, and have been together now for 14 years. They spend most of the year in Hawaii and some months here in the Bay Area. Tommy is doing great, and he will celebrate his 94th birthday in the near future.
Watch Tommy's presentation here in the Announcements video.