The Club heard outstanding presentations by Hayward City Councilmember Sara Lamnin and Castro Valley Forum Editor Michael Singer.
Hayward Councilmember Sara Lamnin 
  • Described how she become involved in politics: (1) learning about the Constitution in junior high school; (2) working in the nursing home industry in South Hayward starting in 1996; and (3) working to support the Patients' Bill of Rights Act of 1989, which was never brought to the floor of the House for a vote.
  • Discussed her work since 2014 when she was elected to the City Council, especially her involvement with the youth of Hayward.
  • Reviewed her currents efforts with the Alameda County Coalition on Fair Redistricting.  She noted that the greatest challenge is that the issue is "flying below the radar" despite its importance to the communities. (See graphic in the presentation.)
  • Answered questions on (1) homelessness in Hayward, (2) the challenges of redistricting, and (3) what is happening with Skywest Golf Course. 
  • Described a new version of the 4-Way Test (See graphic in presentation.)
  • Click here to watch the video of the presentation and here for her slides.
 Michael Singer, Editor of the Castro Valley Forum
  • Michael has worked for the Castro Valley Forum since 2005.
  • Provide to the Forum, he worked reporter for Channel 30 in the Tri-Valley, CNET, The Economist, and Information Week.
  • He reviewed the history of the Castro Valley Forum, which was founded in 1987 by Fred Zehner, and the distribution number.
  • Michael focused on the different sections in the paper and explained how the Forum seeks to provide independent community news and stories with integrity.  Current issues are available online at MyCVForum.
  • He stressed that the community can support the paper by advertising, providing news and stories, and talk to people about the value the Castro Valley Forum brings to the community.
  • President Dwight commended the Castro Valley Forum for the coverage and support of Rotary.
  • Click here to watch the presentation and here for the slides.