Post-Polio Health – Elizabeth Crocker RN MHA MSc

Castro Valley Rotarian Elizabeth Crocker share her personal experience as a child with polio and its impact on family and friends.  In her presentation, Elizabeth focused on (1) The Global Community of Polio Survivors and (2) Spreading the Knowledge on the Late Effects of Polio
She began by explaining the Three Stains of Poliomyelitis and Proportion Case as shown in the slides below and then traced the history of the Salk and Sabin vaccines.
After describing the types of polio and the development of the vaccines, Elizabeth moved into the Late Effects of Polio, Post Polio Syndrome (PPS), Late Effects of Polio for Survivors for Post Polio, and Late of Effects of Polio for Family and Friends, which many people never consider, as illustrated in the following slides:
In her conclusion, Elizabeth discussed St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson, NY and the great work it does, pointed out that polio does not discriminate and that we need to continue the efforts at eradication and support for survivors. She dedicated her presentation to her mother and father.
Click here to watch this excellent and powerful presentation by a skilled medical professional that put real emotion and personal experience at the heart of the tragedy of polio and on-going efforts to eliminate the disease.