The Trials and Tribulations of Moving Out of a Home After 35 Years
Castro Valley Rotarian Bill Nott (read bio here) is a retired engineer who worked on the solar panels on the International Space Station.  In retirement, he worked on various STEM projects for students and is deeply involved in robotics for students. Bill recently moved from his house of 35 years in Castro Valley to a new home in Rossmoor.  His presentation focused on the trials and tribulations of moving and shared many useful tips and insights.
Bill started by saying that such a move involved a lot of insanity. He mentioned the term “expert” and said that it means knowing enough to be scared. Based on his recent experience, Bill claims that he is now an expert on moving.  (Be sure to click on the link below to read more about Bill's presentation.)
They began thinking about moving in December 2020. They started looking seriously in January and found a good home in Rossmoor quite quickly, and then they had to begin to time all of the events of moving. They had to move by April. It seemed like plenty of time, but there is a lot to do.  Finances are a consideration. (Read more in the complete Meeting Highlights).  Besides the great tips and insights regarding moving, Bill made several recommendations for those considering a move.
  • First, plan ahead and get an early start. You can even begin now by moving all of your home expenses into a spread sheet and giving away some of the clutter that inevitably accumulates over the years.
  • Second, you can do it yourself, but consider using professional help to move. They did and it was a good experience. They even used a company to unpack their boxes, and the company even took away all of the boxes and packing material. Finally, remember that moving takes a lot of time.
Watch the video of Bill's presentation here.  Read the entire Meeting Highlights here with more details regarding Bill's presentation and all Club announcement.