The War in the Ukraine - Igor Tregub
Rotarian April Chan introduced Igor with a video clip from KTVU (be sure to click on the video link below to this outstanding and timely presentation).
Igor was born in Ukraine, but moved to the US as a child. He has retained deep ties to his native country and has done an extraordinary job of raising awareness and resources for Ukraine during the war. He related stories about people he knows who have, so far, survived the horrors of the war. The Ukrainians suffered under Soviet domination for years, but then enjoyed a period of democracy and prosperity when they gained independence, which they are not going to give up.
Igor emphasized that we are all part of the resistance to tyranny and that there are things both large and small that can help. He said that small things done locally can make a big difference globally. He thanked every person at every rally for every penny donated, every petition signed, and more. These collective and effective efforts are ways to help Ukraine. On a larger scale, he urged everyone to push the US and other governments to take action.
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Deborah Varner, Director of Educational Programs - Sulphur Creek Nature Center
Deb Varner brought a special guest to the meeting, Sidney (Sid), a 4-year-old skunk, who was orphaned. Although he received good care, he became too comfortable around people, so he now lives at Sulphur Creek Nature Center in Hayward.  Sid was de-scented so he is “safe” around people.  He enjoys an exercise wheel that was donated for him, which is important because skunks walk a great deal each night looking for food. Skunks are omnivores, meaning they will eat almost anything. They typically live 7-8 years, but in captivity, they can reach 10 years.  
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