June has been a busy month as the Club closes out the 2020-2021 Rotary Year (Rotary Opens Opportunities) under the leadership of President Gary Howard and begins planning for the 2021-2022 Rotary Year (Serve to Change Lives) under the leadership of President Dwight Perry.  During 2020-2021, all Club meetings and events were held virtually.  It is significant that the Demotion of President Gary will be the Club’s first in-person meeting/event since March 2020. 
As the Club enters 2021-2022, planning is under way for hybrid lunch meetings and events as well as in person lunch meetings and events.  Watch your email for regular updates and check the website, www.castrovalleyrotary.org, for regular updates posted under Upcoming Events.
Meetings in June included the following presentations:
June 1
  • A presentation by David Wissinger, Mechanics Banks, and Todd McGinley, SBBT, on the current state of the stock and bond market that included a historical perspective as well as a view to the future.  Watch the presentation here.
  • A short presentation by Bonnie Kohlerite, a former elementary school science teacher in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, on her work to save wild horses and the challenges involved.  Watch the presentation here.  Due to technical problems, only the audio is available for part of the presentation.
June 8
  • June 8 (main presentation) – Project IceCube live from the South Pole.  The Club and its many guests were treated to a truly outstanding and engaging, 90-minute, live presentation by Martin Wolf and Josh Veitch-Michaelis, two researchers working on Project IceCube at the South Pole.  Martin and Josh shared the what life at the South Pole is like (e.g., the prior day was a “balmy” -92°F, 23 hours of darkness) and their research.  Click here to learn more about Project IceCube, which is based on the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  Click here to read the weekly updates and other information from the Project.  Watch the presentation here.
June 15
  • June 15 (main presentation) - A presentation by Lorena Hernandez, the Director of Community Impact for Comcast, who oversees the Comcast California foundation, volunteerism, partnerships, and community signature programs like Internet Essentials—the largest comprehensive broadband adoption program in the country.  She described the work that Comcast is doing in California, especially its efforts during the pandemic. There is not a video of this presentation.
June 22
  • President Gary Howard reviewed the outstanding successes of the Club during the past year despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Click here to watch an OUTSTANDING presentation and see how much the Club accomplished during the 2020-2021 Rotary Year.  Click here for the slides in the presentation.
  • President-Elect Dwight Perry, who was Club President in 1982-1983 and District Governor in 1994-1995 shared his vision for the coming year as the Club returns to its pre-pandemic events and projects as well as the many new events and projects the Club will be initiating in 2021-2022.  Watch the presentation here.
June 29 - Demotion of President Gary Howard
On the evening of June 29, the Club is holding its first in-person event since March 2020 - the Demotion of President Gary Howard.  Members will have the time to socialize with old friends and meet individuals who have become Rotarians since March 2020. President Gary will be thanked for his outstanding service and leadership during the past year, while the Club has some fun at his expense.  Details in the next Meeting Highlights.