Eden Health District CEO Mark Friedman and Board Member Pam Russo provided an update on the District including how the District with addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.  CEO Friedman started on March 2, 2020, and almost immediately was shut out of his offices due to the shelter in place order, but indicated that the District has continued to serve the health needs of the community during the pandemic.  The presentation provided information on
  • History of the District
  • Community Grants Program
  • COVID-19 Facts & Response
  • Communication with the Community
CEO Mark Friedman started the presentation with an historical overview of the District:
  • Established in 1948 to build Eden Medical Center and later acquired San Leandro Hospital.
  • Serves the 350,000 residents of Castro Valley, Hayward, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Ashland, Cherryland, and Fairview.
  • Governed by a five-person, elected board.
  • Has received no tax revenue since 1976.
  • Revenue is generated from the two medical buildings that it owns, Eden Medical Office Building in Castro Valley and Dublin Gateway Building in Dublin, and the Baywood Court Retirement Community in Castro Valley.
  • Has contributed over $30M to community hospitals and non-profits including medical clinics, seniors programs, and food programs.
  • Sponsors a wide variety of community events prior to shelter in place athletic fundraisers and health fairs throughout the District.
  • Operates community health education programs at local schools and community centers.
Both Mark and Board Member Pam Russo reviewed the District’s efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic and the statistics for Castro Valley:
  • Publishes a COVID-19 Daily Bulletin that encapsulates all local, regional, state, national, and international news in an easily digestible format, which is available at https://ethd.org/daily-bulletin-update/ three times a week (originally daily).
  • Allocated $250,000 for the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and distributed them to essential workers in health care, childcare, public safety, grocery stores, and In Home Supportive Services Workers.
  • Allocated $250,000 for crucial testing services
  • Developed a partnership with Hayward  Fire Department for a COVID-19 Testing Site at CSUEB and OptumServe Testing Site in San Leandro.
Among the interested statistics
  • Of the 16,733 cases in Alameda County, 431 cases have been in the Castro Valley MAC area with 54 of the cases occurring in skilled nursing homes.
  • In Alameda County, the number of cases is evenly distributed males and females, but the death rate is 20% among males.
  • There are more cases in the under 30 population with more deaths in the over 80 population.
  • Socio-economic factors play a significant role in the number of cases.
  • The overall percentage of cases in Alameda County is 11% of the population, but the percentages in Castro Valley are much lower (4.9% in zip code 94546 and 2.8% in zip code 94552).
For more information, contact
Chief Executive Officer Mark Friedman
MARK@ETHD.ORG // 510 759-4191
Board Member Pamela Russo
PAMELA.RUSSO@ETHD.ORG // 510-760-4289
Watch the presentation here
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