Press Release
The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges, but nursing homes have been particularly hard hit. “Nursing homes have been easily overlooked in the pandemic,” noted Rotary Club of Castro Valley President Gary Howard. “We knew we wanted to do something to help.”

Many nursing homes have had to close their doors to visitors to  protect their vulnerable residents resulting in residents being unable  to have “face to face” communication with their loved ones for months. The Rotary Club of Castro Valley recognized the need, compiled a list of interested nursing homes and is now providing free iPads to the nursing homes to give residents a way to talk to and “see” their relatives and friends.

"Our residents will greatly benefit from these devices.  As a Memory Care Community with more than 29 years of dedication to care for seniors with dementia, adaptability and creativity is in our nature.  Now more than ever, we need tools to engage with families and friends, safely socialize, and connect with the outside world," noted Elizabeth Carson of Oak Creek, which was founded in 1991.  Oak Creek was the first freestanding dementia care community in Northern California.

The Club hopes to provide iPads to other nursing homes in Castro Valley who have expressed interest in Castro Valley. “We couldn’t do this project by ourselves,” said Todd Anglin. “We also greatly appreciate our partners on this project:  the Ombudsman Service of Alameda County, Eden Medical Center, and several community members.”