Joe Farias, a founding member of the Castro Valley Lions Breakfast Club and a Castro Valley Unified School District teacher and administrator, provided an outstanding history of the Club.  Joe detailed the many successes of the Club during its long history in Castro Valley.  Unfortunately, due to a declining membership and the difficulty in recruiting new members, which is a pattern in local Lions Clubs as well as other service clubs, the Lions Club will end its existing in Castro Valley at the end of 2020 after distributing its remaining funds to charitable organizations throughout the community.  Read the history of the Castro Valley Lions Breakfast Club here.
Joe noted that the Castro Valley Restautant Walk has been an outstanding signature event of the Lions Club.  Joe expressed hope that the Rotary Club of Castro Valley can keep the tradition alive.  Rotary has had preliminary discussions with Joe and the Lions Club about taking on the Restaurant Walk once the pandemic restrictions are lifted.  Watch for announcements from the Rotary Club of Castro Valley.
Watch Joe's very informative presentation here.