Rotary Club
of Castro Valley
Chartered June 16, 1953
Dwight Perry, President 
Contact information
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 2117
Castro Valley, CA 94546
Hybrid Lunch Meetings
Tuesdays at 12:00 p.m.
The Meadows Restaurant at 
Redwood Canyon Golf Course
17007 Redwood Road 
Castro Valley, CA 94546
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Upcoming Speakers
Rick Kelly
May 31, 2022 12:00 PM
Busting Some Myths in Early Castro Valley History

Rick Kelly grew up in New Jersey. At the age of 18 he started his migration west, first as an undergraduate at The University of Pittsburgh and then as a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati. Receiving a Masters Degree in Occupational and Environmental Health, Rick took a job at Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo. A couple of years later he moved to Cal, then Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, finally Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Rick and his wife Kim both retired in 2015. The couple moved to Castro Valley in 1988 and has lived in town ever since, for 30 years in their current home on (Josiah) Brickell Way. Their son Ian is a graduate of the Castro Valley School system and Merritt College and works as a Radiologic Technologist at Washington Hospital in Fremont. Rick started a small Castro Valley history project in the winter of 2018, simply seeking to document the ownership of the land he lives on back to town namesake Guillermo Castro. Given the recent availability of digital resources, the project evolved into a comprehensive new look at the evolution of Guillermo Castro's pastureland into large American grain farms, smaller fruit farms, still smaller chicken ranches and finally suburban homes. 

Past Speakers
Howard Morrison, Associate Publisher
May 24, 2022 12:00 PM
The workings and operation of the Castro Valley Forum
Dr. Ray Wallace
May 17, 2022 12:00 PM
Reminiscences on Worldly Matters
Russ Fields & Bridgette Davila
May 10, 2022 12:00 PM
100 Years of the Rowell Ranch Rodeo
Bill Ganahl, Owner of South City Rod and Custom
May 03, 2022 12:00 PM
Building Hot Rods and Custom Cars
Igor Tregub
Apr 26, 2022 12:00 PM
Devastation in the Ukraine.
Dr. Jason Reiman, Assistant Superintendent CVUSD
Apr 19, 2022 12:00 PM
Ethnic Studies in Castro Valley USD
Elizabeth A Crocker RN MHA MSc
Apr 12, 2022 12:00 PM
Post-Polio Health
Sonja Shin, Host of Fleet Week TV
Apr 05, 2022 12:00 PM
San Francisco Fleet Week 2022
David Joseph-Goteiner, UC Berkeley
Mar 29, 2022 12:00 PM
"Locating Decline and Growth of Civic Associations in Communities: The Case of the YMCA, 1950-2000."
Greg Boller, Assistant DA for Alameda County
Mar 22, 2022 12:00 PM
Consumer Protection
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays:
  • Roland Williams
    May 2
  • Linton Johnson
    May 9
  • Jake Medcalf
    May 11
  • Virginia Degner
    Duane Degner
    May 14
  • Jim Phillips
    Melissa Phillips
    May 19
  • Bernie Kempen
    Kathy Kempen
    May 20
  • John Courtney
    May 20
The Rotary Club of Castro Valley meets on Tuesdays at 12:00-1:30 pm at Redwood Canyon Golf Course with the meetings available via Zoom.  All participants - both in person and via Zoom - must register for the meeting.  Check Upcoming Events and click on the event to register.
Reminiscences on Worldly Matters & A Musical Tribute
Castro Valley Rotarian Ray Wallace
Ray Wallace is the retired Director of International Student Education at CSU East Bay. He earned his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley and travelled the world.  He shared his diverse experiences from educator to photographer to musician and his thoughts on many issues in between.  Ray concluded his presentations with two musical numbers that should not be missed.
During the meeting. President Dwight presented five (5) Paul Harris recognitions and two Rotarian of the Month pins, and witnessed the presentation of a District 5170 Top Performer All Star Award.  Parade Chair Lytel Carter and Float Sweepstake winner Misty Short reported on the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade.  Elizabeth Crocker shared her visit to the Rotary Club of Lawrence, Kansas.  Click here to access the full version of Meeting Highlights which includes links to videos of the meeting.
Back in the Saddle!
On May 14, 2022 the Rotary Club of Castro Valley, after a two-year hiatus, once again presented the Rowel Ranch Pro Rodeo Parade celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Rodeo on May 18-22.
View photos from the Rodeo Parade
Click here to view Rodeo Parade Photo Album #1
Click here to view Rodeo Parade Photo Album #2
Click here to view Rodeo Parade Photo Album #3
Click here to view Rodeo Parade Photo Album #4
Click here to view Rodeo Parade Photo Album #5
Click here to view Rodeo Parade Photo Album #6
Thank you to Winnie Wright, Mary Cerros-Feria, Steve Johnson, and Rick Taylor from the Castro Valley Photo Club;
Mike Kady from Redwood Christian Schools; and Castro Valley Rotarians Todd Anglin and Jim Negri for contributing photos.
Click here to see the list of Art & Essay Winners.
Click here to see the list of Parade Winners.
Click here to watch the video of the Parade provided by Roberto Souza of the Castro Valley News.
The Rotary Clubs of Castro Valley and Hayward held their annual joint meeting to celebrate the Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo.  During the meeting, Rotarians and guests heard from Janet Lemmons (Rowell Ranch Rodeo Board of Directors) regarding the history of the Rodeo and the events scheduled for the 100th Anniversary of the Rodeo; Brigette Davilla, Miss Rowell Ranch Rodeo Queen Coordinator, who described the selection process and what it takes to be the Rodeo Queen; Katie Ward-Crummey, the current Rodeo Queen, who described her experiences as the Queen and what it has meant to her; and Olivia Sherman, a contestant for the 2022 Rodeo Queen, who presented her contestant's speech and demonstrated the impromptu interview portion of the contest.  Watch the presentation here.  
Read the full version of the Highlights Meeting including more details from each presenter and the announcements here.
Bill Ganahl, Owner - South City Rod & Custom
Bill Ganahl is one of the premier builders of personal, high-end custom cars. He has been in the business for over 20 years. His cars vary from small jobs to   $1-2M cars.  Essentially, Bill takes the shell of a car and replaces everything else with the very best, including the chassis, engine, transmission, and suspension. His 6,000 square-foot shop in Hayward has everything it needs to build the frames and do sheet metal work and more.  Building these cars takes a wide range of trades (e.g., fabric workers, welders, sheet metal, and mechanics), but at the same time, he has a business to run. 
At any time, he has 10-15 projects at various stages so that he can keep everyone gainfully employed. Everything is on a deadline, mostly to get cars ready for shows. Bill is proud of the number of awards they have won at shows and the number of magazine covers that his cars have graced. He pointed out that all his cars are fully functioning and ready to drive.  Bill and several of Rotarian Cliff Sherwood’s friends brought their cars built by Bill to the meeting that members and guests were able to view after the meeting. More about South City Rod & Custom here.  Watch Bill's presentation here.
Sam Crader, General Manager Touchstone Golf at Redwood Canyon
Sam Crader is the General Manager for Touchstone Golf, the company that leases Redwood Canyon Golf Course from EBMUD.  Since Touchstone took over the course, they have made many improvements to the golf course, including fixing the drainage, irrigation, and leaks.  They have an agreement from EBMUD to install a cart path all around the perimeter of the course.
Golf did pretty well during the pandemic because it was an outdoor activity in which people felt safe participating and the upswing in players has continued. Since Redwood Canyon is conveniently located, it would like to expand its offerings beyond golf. They hope to sponsor the CVHS golf team and fundraisers for other groups. Touchstone Golf Foundation supports community activities.  On the third Thursdays in July, August, and September, Touchstone will be sponsoring music concerts. Watch Sam's presentation here.
Click here to read the complete version of Meeting Highlights for May 3, 2022
Next Meeting
Joint Meeting with Rotary Club of Hayward
Date: May 10, 2022
Time: 12:00-1:30 pm
Location: Redwood Canyon Golf Course & via Zoom
Russ Fields, President of the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Board of Directors
Bridgette Davila, 2022 Rodeo Queen
Topic: 100 Years for the Rowell Ranch Rodeo
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The War in the Ukraine - Igor Tregub
Rotarian April Chan introduced Igor with a video clip from KTVU (be sure to click on the video link below to this outstanding and timely presentation).
Igor was born in Ukraine, but moved to the US as a child. He has retained deep ties to his native country and has done an extraordinary job of raising awareness and resources for Ukraine during the war. He related stories about people he knows who have, so far, survived the horrors of the war. The Ukrainians suffered under Soviet domination for years, but then enjoyed a period of democracy and prosperity when they gained independence, which they are not going to give up.
Igor emphasized that we are all part of the resistance to tyranny and that there are things both large and small that can help. He said that small things done locally can make a big difference globally. He thanked every person at every rally for every penny donated, every petition signed, and more. These collective and effective efforts are ways to help Ukraine. On a larger scale, he urged everyone to push the US and other governments to take action.
Click here to read more about Igor's presentation.
Click here to watch Igor's presentation.
Deborah Varner, Director of Educational Programs - Sulphur Creek Nature Center
Deb Varner brought a special guest to the meeting, Sidney (Sid), a 4-year-old skunk, who was orphaned. Although he received good care, he became too comfortable around people, so he now lives at Sulphur Creek Nature Center in Hayward.  Sid was de-scented so he is “safe” around people.  He enjoys an exercise wheel that was donated for him, which is important because skunks walk a great deal each night looking for food. Skunks are omnivores, meaning they will eat almost anything. They typically live 7-8 years, but in captivity, they can reach 10 years.  
Click here to read more about Deb's presentation.  Click here to watch Deb's presentation.
Click here to read the entire Meeting Highlights for April 26.
May 2022
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